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Our Mission 

To help small business owners take advantage of the IRS’s largest legal tax break, but one nearly impossible to prove in an audit. Their Mileage! 


Small business owners dread tax time - most want to do things the right way, but also want to pay the least amount in taxes. As Americans, our responsibility is to pay every penny we owe the government, but not a penny more! But every year, the simplest tax deduction - driving for work - gets the same response – a GUESS! Power Users, such as realtors, appraisers, and small business owners, drive thousands of miles for work. It is painful when an IRS auditor asks for the documentation of that mileage because it doesn’t exist. The IRS agent simply removes the deduction and assesses the tax. 30,000 miles can be a $15,000 deduction that just vanished and made your wallet significantly lighter. Think of how many people lose to the IRS what the EasyMile Log can help them get back! 

Problem & Solution

No one wants to suffer through the audit, but it is even worse to try and keep a Daily Log of everywhere you go. 

There has to be an Easier Way! 

The Easy Mile Log is the Easier Way! 

The Easy Mile Log takes advantage of modern technology – a built in GPS chip and memory module makes a self contained audit protector. It plugs into the cigarette lighter, tracks every trip and even adds addresses automatically. All you have to do is press “Work” or “Personal” – it does the rest. At the end of the year, print the summary report and have your totals for your taxes. No adding of gas receipts, tracking of manual books, or dealing with clunky apps. In an audit, print the detailed report – hand it to the IRS agent, and smile! 

Your Deduction has been Saved!

Affiliate Program

The affiliate program allows the distribution network to sell the product without having to maintain an inventory or provide technical support. Each affiliate is assigned a unique coupon code to be used when the product is purchased. At the end of each month, each affiliate will receive a commission based upon the number of units sold. Easy Mile log maintains all inventory and technical support – the affiliate simply “sells” the need for the product and receives a check.

The EasyMile Log is ready for purchase to help anyone who uses their car for business. Let’s make sure that everyone can fight the IRS with ease. 

Affiliate Terms

Affiliates of the EasyMile Log program are entitled to, and accept, the following terms:

  • Affiliate will provide potential customers with marketing materials either produced by, or accepted by, EasyMile Log.
  • Affiliate will maintain a positive outlook on the product, and will notify EasyMile Log of any issues or concerns which may arise regarding the product. 
  • EasyMile Log will provide affiliate with a product coupon code. This code will be issued solely to the affiliate and will be tracked for sales purposes. All codes will be tracked monthly and the Affiliate will be entitled to a commission of $17 per unit sold, as tracked by the code entered.
  • Any commission owed to the affiliate will be sent to the address on file with EasyMile Log.
  • EasyMile Log will be responsible for end-user customer service, as well as product inventory and product shipment.

Product Details

Consumer cost – Units sell for $149 per unit, with a standard battery back-up. The extended life battery has a cost of $159. There is no monthly charge for the product, or any further upgrade charges for the consumer. It even comes in fashionable Black or Gray to match your car’s interior. 

Battery Backup – The Easy Mile Log comes with its own battery backup. While the unit should be plugged in, everyone needs to recharge something in the car eventually. The battery allows the unit to continue tracking while unplugged. The standard battery last about 2-3 hours, while the extended battery last 8-9 hours.