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You can select from three color styles to fit your car interior

Portable, design supports two modes: work and personal

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The IRS requires it. Your business requires it. We make it work at the press of a button. All for $149

Our GPS unit tracks where you go for work or personal based on either your normal work schedule (which you input) or when you press a button.

  • Your driving records are saved on the device itself, and can easily be copied onto your computer.
  • You never have to pay a monthly service fee to get your own records (or worry about someone else having your driving history).
  • You control your information – give the IRS proof of your work miles. If audited, just give the unit to the IRS agent, and they will know that your claimed miles are accurate.

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The EasyMileLog pings GPS satellites frequently to ensure your mile logs are accurate.

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The long term benefits of purchasing an EasyMileLog will offset the initial cost. 

What's more, you'll save tons of headaches come tax day!

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